A little bit about us

MELLOWMESHER is visual effects company in Berlin, Germany that specializes in visual effects, animation, and video production for both feature film & advertising. We can help you create video projects from start to finish. Whether it’s a 3D rendered home model, adventure travel film, or video for a city-defining architecture project.

Work with us to concept your project or bring us in to finish at any phase. We can do everything across 3D modeling, texturing, animation, motion graphics, compositing, grading, design and editing. We specialize in 3D scanning and photogrammetry. Our network of talented creatives can offer music production and filming for your video project.

Tools for VFX Artists

When you create with MELLOWMESHER, you’ll work with us, Dennis and Tom. We’re both dedicated VFX artists with many years of experience. Not just in VFX and 3D animation, but with cultures and markets around the world. We’ve climbed mountains together and worked on projects in many countries. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in over 15 years in the business and turned it into a library of assets to make work mellow for other VFX artists — like 3D models and textures.

Check out the MELLOWMESHER Shop to find out more. It’ll launch this fall, September 2017. Until then, we’re going to publish freebies on Mondays. So follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get them.

Let´s make mondays mellow again :)

A story about creative projects and mountains

A creative project is a lot like climbing a mountain. You prepare as much as possible, but the plan always changes and you need to be able to improvise. Assumptions can turn out wrong or go south quickly. Like when we found ourselves on a summit after a multi-pitch route in National Park, Paklenica. There was too much wind, we couldn’t find the way we had planned and we ended up with a short rope. We had to stay flexible and make some tough decisions on the fly. Or end up failing to finish the climb. This happens in creative projects—almost every one has a crux or breaking point to navigate. We’ve been through many and have the experience to stay flexible and make the right decisions to get a project through to completion.

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Our clients

One Two Three
United Visions ARD Eilmes & Staub
Ziegert Immobilien ZDF Devision 420
Grossman und Berger RBB Mellowpark
Effektetage RTL DLR
NHB PRO 7 Boulderklub Kreuzberg
TPA SAT 1 Der Kegel
Musical Cats RTL 2 Elektroartist
Begehungen KIKA Archlab
Thamm Immobilien ADAC Josegrafix


Avid Mediacomposer, Maxon Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Adobe Products (Photoshop, After Effects, Lightroom and more), Agisoft, Red Giant, Optical Flares, RE:Vision Effects, Blackmagic Design, 3D Coat, Knald, Substance, SideFX Houdini and many more