Here are a couple of informations you may need. As we go along we will try to give you all the answers you may need. You can also write us a mail:



We are spending our energy on the things we know of and we are best at it. Thats why we do not have a self developed shop system and use instead turbosquid.com. They have an outstanding and well developed shop system and many 3d artist are using it - so do we! Just get an account for free and enjoy!


When you want to buy products of us please use the affiliate link which directs you straight to the turbosquid.com shop. You will need an account which is free of course.


You need something special? No worries mate! Just drop us a line and we ll see what we can do for you:


We are trying to make our products as affordable as possible. When you are using the affiliate link we will get an extra percentage. In that way you can support us and the products we make for you.


You can just download the freebies on our website or on turbosquid.com. You need to download the 3d model and the textures separately. This will reduce the download size and save some time.

You can use the freebies for your personal and commercial work and projects but you are not allowed to sell it under your or any other name. If you want to share it please use our links or direct to our website. If you can make a note where you got it from. Legal notice: None of the content may be redistributed without permission, you can edit the freebies to your liking, you can use the freebies for commercial and non commercial work, if your work allows it - please mention MELLOWMESHER.NET. We are not responsible for any harm to your computer or your files when your are using our freebies.

And last but not least send us some pictures or movies where you used it and/or share on our social media sites.
We are happy to see what you do with it!