Get 10 types of manhole covers and a whole scene with curb, pavement and lighting — all are based on photogrammetry scans and ready to use in CINEMA 4D and 3DS MAX with V-Ray.

Manhole shapes include round, square, old, new, long, short, and even a drainage. Each object is real-world sized and centered in origin. You can use the tar joint to blend the manhole covers into your own original scenes.

Includes V-Ray shader for CINEMA 4D and 3DS MAX.

Also included with the Street Kit No. 01 Complete Edition.

This Product contains two scenes:

First a single low poly manhole cover and a tar joint object, ready to use in c4d and 3dMax with Vray. Both are based on a photogrammetry scan. The objects are in real world size and centered in origin. Use the tar joint to blend the manhole cover into your scene.

The second file includes the scene as shown in the images. It contains examples from our other Street Kit collections. Lit by physical sky the scene is ready to render.

If you don’t want all the manhole cover you can buy them separately on our Turbosquid store.

Created with Maxon CINEMA 4D R18 and V-Ray 3.4 and converted into max files with Autodesk 3DS MAX 2016 and V-Ray 3.5.

All elements have clean topology, are low poly, and come with displacement (height maps), normal map, bump map, roughness map, AO map and diffuse map.

Texture Size:
Manhole Cover Size: up to 4k
Tar Joint Size: 5685x194

Diffuse: JPEG RGB 8-Bit
Height: TIFF 16 Bit Greyscale
AO: JPEG Greyscale
Roughness: JPEG Greyscale
Bump: JPEG Greyscale
Normal: JPEG RGB 8 Bit +X+Y+Z

UV mapped

Recommended Uses:
Architecture visualisation, film asset, game asset, design and many more.

File Info:
The second file contains the scene shown in the images. It also contains examples from our other Street Kit collections. The scene is ready to render and lit by physical sky.

Legal Stuff:
You can use the shader for commercial and non-commercial work and edit it to your liking.
None of the content may be redistributed without permission.
If your work allows for it, please mention MELLOWMESHER in the work.

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Thank you very much & enjoy!


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