FLAT AWNING Single Asset Collection


This product contains 46 different flat awning models. From small to big. 200x200cm up to 600x500cm.

V-Ray and Corona shader for CINEMA 4D

IMPORTANT SALES INFORMATION // If you want to upgrade your purchase later (p.e. you only bought a single asset) then you should buy on GUMROAD since TURBOSQUID doesnt offer upgrades

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Use FLAT AWNING SINGLE ASSET COLLECTION to create high quality VFX projects, games and more.

This collection contains: C4D, OBJ and FBX and textures

46 different flat awning 3d models for exteriors

200x200cm with 4 different opening stages
250x250cm with 4 different opening stages
300x200cm with 4 different opening stages
350x350cm with 5 different opening stages
400x400cm with 5 different opening stages
450x450cm with 6 different opening stages
500x500cm with 6 different opening stages
550x500cm with 6 different opening stages
600x500cm with 6 different opening stages

Every size includes different opening stages. From fully opened to fully closed.
The measurement of the smallest blind is 200 cm by 200 cm. The biggest blind is 600 cm by 500 cm in size.

It comes with more than 20 different materials for CORONA and V-Ray.

These awnings were created with our Houdini Digital Asset that you can purchase as well. Choose any size you need, tilt, open and close, high poly and Llow poly, and of course you can change all materials. Enjoy all the possibilities.

FLAT AWNING HDA works in 3d Max, Maya, Cinema 4d , Unity and Unreal.

Here is the FLAT AWNING GENERATOR. Check it out!

You can also purchase all objects as single products on Turbosquid, Gumroad and CGTrader.

We will have various other stuff SOON ;) Stay tuned!

Created with
Maxon CINEMA 4D R23 //
Corona Renderer //
V-Ray Renderer //

All elements have clean topology and V-Ray and Corona Materials for C4D.

Partially UV mapped

256 px by 256 px
1024 px by 1024 px
2048 px by 2048 px

Bump: JPG
Diffuse: JPG

Tweak the diffuse and color maps easily to create your own custom style of various assets.

Architecture visualisation, film asset, game asset, design and many more.

None of the content may be redistributed without permission.

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Thank you very much & enjoy!

Cheers & Peace,

Your Mellowmesher Team.

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