Welcome to the place where 3D artists get products to create work in less time. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned in over 15 years in the business and turned it into a library of assets to make work mellow for other VFX artists — like 3D models and textures.

Our library starts with valuable tools for people in the architecture industry. You can buy textures, shaders, and 3D models based on photogrammetry for your next project. If you want a special model or scene for your project drop us a line at

Check out what we have below. More is on the way. Stay tuned!


Manhole Cover

Curb Collection

Street Kit Scenes

Green Belt Pathways

Street Kit Complete Edition

Picture Frames

Playground Collection No.1

Palm Tree No.1

Stone Wall Collection No.1

Grass Assets No.1

Sideboard Scenes Col. No.1

Vase with Twigs No.1

Rokoko Vases No.1

Jars and Boxes No.1

Picture Frames Rectangular

Ganesha Sculpture No.1

Books and Bookends Collection No.1

Balloon Lamp No.1

Curb No.4

Cuddly Toy Col. No.1

Pinolino Bike

Gabion Set No.1

Mono Rail Train Set No.1

Thai Mattress Collection No.1


We spend our energy on what we know best — creating VFX projects and tools. That’s why we use to sell all of our products. 3D artists trust their outstanding and secure checkout process and so do we.

When you click the buy button on our product pages, a link will take you to the shop to finish the process and get your product. If you click on the affiliate links on our pages we get bigger cut from the sale (and we love when you help us do that). We use Turbosquid so we don’t have to build and maintain our own checkout system. It’s a trusted site in the 3D community and they also offer file conversions to other 3D applications.

Just create a free turbosquid account during checkout and enjoy creating beautiful VFX work!

If you ever have trouble with one of our products drop us a line at and we can help.

We will publish all our new products on Mondays and they’ll come with discounts in the first week.

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